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5 Books To Fuel Your Summer Wanderlust

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Summer has always inspired a certain kind of wanderlust. Maybe it’s the endless stretch of sunny days or the feeling that the season is just too perfect to waste, but the summer months often revolve around people packing up and heading somewhere new. Because new adventures are worth celebrating, we’ve rounded up 5 books that’ll fuel your wanderlust and get you excited for your next trip!


“One Special Summer” by Jacqueline & Lee Bouvier

Before she was known as a major trendsetter or as an iconic First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis was Jacqueline Bouvier: a twenty-two year old student about to embark on her first trip across Europe with her little sister, Lee. “One Special Summer” is made up of journal entries, letters, postcards, photos and cute doodles that tell the story of two sisters on a whimsical 1950’s Eurotrip.


“The Beginner’s Guide To Paradise” by Alex Sheshunoff

 This charming and incredibly witty memoir is all about an unhappy twenty-something who quits his job, leaves New York City and decides to escape from it all by travelling to a tiny, idyllic island in the middle of the South Pacific. His various misadventures include wearing a loin cloth, diapering a baby monkey and discovering that the island may or may not have a leprosy problem. Beyond the hilarity is a lot of honesty and wisdom. This is the kind of read that makes you laugh but also encourages you to dig a little deeper. 


“Wild” by Cheryl Strayed

Oprah-approved and adapted into a Reese Witherspoon film, “Wild” is this generation’s version of “Eat, Pray, Love.” Cheryl Strayed’s story of losing everything and then embarking on an impulsive and soul-searching hike through the Pacific Crest Trail is totally relatable if you’ve ever been at a point in your life where you’re not sure what comes next. As the trail takes her through the Mojave Desert, on to California, Oregon and then Washington State, Strayed uses everything from squaring off against rattlesnakes, dealing with extreme weather and conquering crippling loneliness to highlight how solo travel (especially when it involves nature) can truly be the ultimate healer. 

“Double Cup Love” by Eddie Huang


NYC restaurateur, author & VICE TV personality, Eddie Huang has always blended his love of food, family, travel and culture in a way that’s both hilarious and authentic. In “Double Cup Love”, the self-professed “Human Panda” acutely describes the wonder and culture shock that comes with going back to your family’s homeland when you’ve been raised somewhere else. Huang does an amazing job of describing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of China; but beyond that, he brings you along on his journey in a way that makes you appreciate the relationships in your life and gives you the sudden urge to book a crazy family vacay.


“On The Road” by Jack Kerouac

Whether you read it in high school, stumbled across an old, used copy or you’ve only ever heard it as a pop culture reference; “On The Road” is the epitome of an American classic. Inspired by true events, this novel tells the story of two friends who embrace wanderlust to the fullest and head on the ultimate road trip, hoping to get their first real taste of freedom. As they make their way across 1940’s America, they often find themselves in over their heads and overwhelmed at how much there is to discover. Jack Kerouac’s writing had a massive impact on modern culture as we know it and “On The Road” is the quintessential road trip companion.


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