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5 Tips To Keep Your Luggage In Great Shape

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How do you keep your luggage looking brand new? If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that your luggage can start looking worn out very quickly if not properly cared for. We’ve put together 5 at home tips to keep your luggage in tip-top shape for all your trips!

1 -  Empty your luggage after a trip

Yeah, we know, all you want to do after a long flight is kick off your shoes and lie down, but before you think of relaxing you should definitely think about emptying out your luggage. You never know what kind of dust or odors could be clinging to your clothes that may lurk in your luggage on your next trip. So before you procrastinate and leave your unpacking to a week after you return back home, quickly empty out your things into a laundry basket and sort through them later.

2 – Remove the dust/debris

 If you’re just returning from a getaway on a beach, sand may have made its way into your luggage. Simply take a vacuum and use the upholstery attachment to remove all particles of dirt and sand that decided to come home with you. Don’t forget to get into all the compartments as well and always remember to feel around first so you don’t suck up any small items like earrings or coins. 

3 – Take a wet cloth to soiled areas

Whether you’re travelling with luggage that has a soft or hard exterior, it is important to give the outside just as much attention as the inside. You’ll want to do a surface cleaning and not want to completely soak your luggage.

For soft side: Get yourself a warm, damp cloth - before you start test a small spot on your luggage – if the test is successful you can continue to rub out any dirt that you see.

For hard side: A dry cloth and mild spray cleaner will do the trick. Simply spray and wipe. Feel free to do a once-over with another dry cloth to remove any excess residue.

(For scratch resistant luggage, we recommend our iFLY Racer Hard Side Luggage.) 

4 – Spray with an odor reducer

Once your luggage is cleaned out, washed up and dry, go ahead and select your favorite odor reducing spray, such as Febreze. Make sure not to go overboard! Lightly mist the interior, exterior and any large pockets or compartments that need some extra attention.

5 – Let air dry

Now that your luggage is fresh and clean, open it up to let it air dry for a few days afterwards for ultimate freshness!


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