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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Keeping a Travel Journal

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There’s a variety of things that you see and experience on a trip that can quickly be forgotten. It could be the weather on a particular day or a conversation you had in passing with a local. These little details will shape your travel experience and are definitely things you will want to remember when reminiscing or telling your friends back home about your trip. Whether you’re a total travel bug or only vacation once in a while, here are 7 reasons why you should be keeping a travel journal.  

1. It’s a great stress release. When travelling there may be times where you find yourself in a predicament that brings about some unwanted stress. Instead of ranting to your travel buddy, take to your journal to vent out your frustrations.

2. Easily collect and store photos or postcards. Your passport stamps remind you of where you went, but collecting postcards from each place you visit will remind you of how you felt while you were there.

3. Allows you to jot down important information on the go. Your travel journal is the perfect place to quickly write down any information you may need at that moment. The bonus here is that when looking back, these little scribbles will be extra memories of your trip that you wouldn’t normally have.

4. Learn to observe. It’s always nice to disconnect from the virtual world for a while and travelling plays a big role in that.  Power down your smartphone and enjoy everything around you by writing about your surroundings in your travel journal.  

5. Memories. The most obvious reason here would be the lasting memories you will have created that no photo could ever capture. These are your deep thoughts, your wildest dreams and irreplaceable experiences.  

6. Great outlet for self-discovery. There is no better way to get in tune with the very core of your being than to write out your thoughts. Writing allows you to exercise parts of your brain that you wouldn’t normally tap into on a day-to-day basis. In a world where everyone is so caught up with technology, it’s refreshing for your mind to put pen to paper.

7. Makes for a unique souvenir. Hitting up souvenir shops along your travels is a must, but nothing will be as memorable or personal as what you’ve kept in your travel journal along the way.

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