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Carry-On Size Limits—What You Need to Know

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Figuring out what to pack on a trip can be overwhelming. One of the most important things to consider when flying is what type of luggage to take with you. What luggage will you check, and what bags will you carry on the plane with you? Since 2008, most airlines charge for a fee for checking bags. This fee has gone up steadily over the years—in 2012, all of the US airlines earned a combined total of $3.5 billion in checked baggage fees.

The best way to avoid these fees is to make sure your carry-on luggage meets the size requirements of your airline. While each airline has the own particular size restrictions, here is some general information about carry-on luggage size restrictions that can help you prepare for your next flight.

General Standards

Most major airlines have the same carry-on size regulations. In order to be qualified as carry-on luggage, a bag must be able to fit under your seat or in the overhead compartment. Generally, this means that carry-on luggage should be no taller than 22 inches, no wider than 14.5 inches, and no deeper than 10 inches. Most airlines have a weight restriction of 50 lbs, so be sure not to overpack your carry-on luggage. 

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