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Hard Side Versus Soft Side Luggage

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 It’s important to find the right piece of luggage before travelling. There’s nothing worse than having your luggage break down on you in the first leg of a trip.

Hard side and soft side luggage both have their advantages, and finding the one that’s right for you will make your travels much more enjoyable. Finding the right luggage will depend on where you’re going, how long you’re going away for, and the kind of trip you plan on having. Here is some more information about hard side and soft side luggage, so you can find the perfect type of luggage for your next trip.

Hard Side Luggage

Hard sided luggage refers to luggage where the exterior is made from a tough, durable material. Our hard side luggage is made with 100% virgin PC, a thermal plastic that is flexible and doesn’t crack easily—unlike luggage made only with ABS.

This exterior acts as a shell, protecting your items for any external damage. Because of this extra protection, hard sided luggage is great when you’re travelling with delicate materials. Hard sided luggage also provides more protection against rain, snow, and other environmental conditions. Due to their relative heft and reduced flexibility, hard sided luggage is better for shorter or single destination trips, as opposed to longer, multi-destination trips.

Soft Side Luggage

Soft sided luggage refers to luggage where the exterior is made from a relatively soft fabric material like polyester or nylon. This flexibility makes it easier to fit soft sided luggage into storage compartments in trains, buses and cars. The ease with which soft sided luggage can be packed makes it ideal for longer trips where you’ll be switching modes of transportation frequently. It is also easier to fit more items into soft sided luggage, making it ideal for bringing lots of gifts and souvenirs back home with you. Soft sided luggage doesn’t provide as much protection against environmental damage or damage on the road, so choose hard sided luggage for travelling with delicate items.

There are pros and cons to both hard sided and soft sided luggage, and we’re here to help you find the right type of luggage for your needs. Browse our complete line of hard sided and soft sided luggage for more information about these innovative travel products, and contact us to order yours today!



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