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How to Pack & Plan A Weekend Getaway

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One of my favorite ways to sneak in a vacation during the year is to plan a weekend getaway somewhere close to home, but far enough to escape reality for a little.

            Because of the short duration of the trip, I maximize my time by planning an itinerary for each day (or most) including: restaurant reservations, any tickets I may need to purchase in advance for activities, where I’m staying (usually a B&B), and most importantly, what I need to pack!

It’s important to research the area you are planning to stay in and also the areas around it. What is it known for? What is there to do? Do I want to do site seeing, a spa retreat, or maybe go zip lining and hiking? Even if you are not the type of person to plan ahead, it’s still beneficial to have at least some idea of what you will do with your time.

            For me, packing is the hardest part. Most would agree that packing is saved for last minute and it usually starts with, “What do I pack?!” 

Well, in order to find a solution to that simple problem, you need to plan your itinerary and start by checking the weather! If you know what you will be doing during your stay, it should be easy to know what clothing would be appropriate to take with you.

If you have adventurous activities planned, you know you should pack a pair of sneakers and something you won’t mind getting dirty. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, bring clothing that you will be comfortable wearing the whole day. If you plan on going to a nice restaurant, you know you need to pack something that is dressier.

It’s easy to over pack. The best packing tip is to pack pieces, including shoes, that are versatile and could easily be paired with something else in your suitcase. My rule of thumb is to pack: 1 dressy look, 1 casual look (such as a T or comfortable sweater), 1 sporty look, and 1 outfit to lounge in.

When packing, I like to fit everything into my iFLY luggage; the Medium Racer is perfect to take on your trips; both big and small. Just roll your clothing up to save space and save them from getting wrinkled, put your socks into your shoes, and heavier items such as toiletry bag or shoes on top of everything!




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