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How to Use the Best Features of Your iFLY Luggage

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Did you just buy a piece of luggage from iFLY? Whether you bought a specialty hard side, soft side or lightweight bag, you now have access to a really compact, well-organized piece of luggage with handy compartments for your items. To ensure you’re able to use your new bag to the fullest, we’ve put together a comprehensive list to explain how to best use certain features. 

Integrated Shoe Pockets

Have you ever arrived at your travel destination only to realize that your shoes were flattened, scuffed or had impressions in them from other items in your bag? Not a great experience. That’s why we put shoe pockets in many of our luggage designs. These pockets are specially designated areas used to place running shoes, dress shoes, beach sandals and the like so they do not get crushed throughout the duration of your flight. Rest assured that your footwear will be safe, secure and free from any kind of damage when you get to your destination.

Deluxe Fully Lined Second Compartment

Our carry-on, medium checked and full size hard side bags have another really great standout feature -- a fully lined second compartment underneath the top inner section of your bag. Most bags have a small horizontal pocket where you can keep smaller items like jewellery, medication or keys. iFLY has integrated this second compartment for even more space for your items. 

How you can use it

Let’s say you’re on a short business trip or vacation and you don’t have access to laundry facilities. This compartment can be used to store your worn clothes away from your fresh clothes.

This compartment is also large enough to store toiletries or items that are vulnerable to impact. This gives you an option to keep your bottom compartment less busy so you don’t have to rummage through your bag looking for things!

iFLY luggage also comes with straps that secure your items in place and a multi-stage telescopic trolley handle in a range of styles and designs. If you’re looking for a great travel bag or luggage set, check out our latest collections.


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